Use this glossary of converting industry terms such as web handling, spreader rollers, anti-wrinkle rollers and more.

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Converting Industry - The term converting industry refers to the manufacturing practices behind the processing of materials in thin layer form.
Web Handling - Web handling is the science, engineering and associated equipment necessary to transport flexible materials through various converting processes.
Spreader Roller - Spreader rollers and other devices are used in the converting process to stretch or widen webs as they flow through a machine.
Anti-Wrinkle Roller - Anti-wrinkle refers to a type of roller or other device or system that is used in a converting process to remove wrinkles from a web.
Spreader & Anti-Wrinkle Rollers Difference - The difference between spreader roller and anti-wrinkle roller lies mainly in the application of the roller.
Banana Roller - A name commonly used for a bowed roller
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