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Litin Paper Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota, a seasoned, family owned company with years of converting, experience turned to Converter Accessory Corporation (CAC), Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, also a family owned company with decades of experience, for a portable system able to efficiently remove large amounts of trim from several production lines.

In business since 1947, Litin is a converter and wholesale distributor of packaging and industrial supplies. With 32 employees the company operates six converting lines performing cutting, slitting and rewinding in both small and wide diameters. Production includes sheeting, producing packaging paper, counter rolls, butcher, plotter, wax coated, and silicone coated paper, and newsprint.

With so many products diverse in gauge and weight, Litin needed a versatile system, one able to handle the heavy kraft trim as well as the very light, thin-gauge papers and plastics.

According to John Hanson, Litin Vice President/General Manger, handling trim waste, while in itself not a major problem, was a nagging annoyance made worse by Litin’s rapid growth rate.

”We wanted a way to efficiently collect diverse trim materials and move them easily from a production line to a collection area. We wanted the solution to be priced to fit our budget, easy to install and maintain and able to be moved from line to line, where needed“ Hanson said.

After a thorough search Litin contacted CAC and became convinced that the Fox Runner™ version of the widely used Fox TrimAway® system was the best option and ordered an FX2-700R, capable of pneumatically moving trim up to a hundred feet.

The Fox Runner™ uses CAC’s widely employed Fox TrimAway® pneumatic trim removal components mounted to a portable stand for permanent, semi permanent and temporary applications.

The complete Fox Runner™ portable system includes CAC’s exclusive venturi design; a regenerative, exceptionally quiet, virtually maintenance free blower; all the blower hardware, motor starter plug and cord, blower filter. Additionally, the system includes pick-up nozzle(s) and Y connectors; 10-foot standard intake and discharge ducts with high torque duct clamps; complete welded tubular steel system mounting frame and locking casters. Options include collection units such as high-capacity nylon bags and metal collection bins, and discharge ducts over 100 feet long.

Fox Runner™ systems are designed to handle trim widths ranging up to two and six inches, at speeds up to 6000 feet per minute, depending on the Fox system size. The Fox Runner™ is engineered to efficiently remove paper, film, foils, textile and non-woven trims. It is especially effective with more difficult to handle die cutter waste as well as chopped, granulated and pelletized materials.

According to John Hanson, the Fox Runner™ was easy to install and delivered the versatility, energy efficiency, and low maintenance that Litin required.

”It is stable enough to put in place for long term trim handling or it can be easily wheeled to multiple locations throughout the plant and rapidly set up and put to work wherever it is needed,“ Hanson said.

”And finally,“ he added, ”It works great. And it’s quiet! We especially appreciate that.“

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