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Converter Accessory Corporation’s (CAC®) new Trim-AX™ chopper for chopping nearly every type of web waste trim materials is a two bladed unit capable of 3,450 cuts per minute with a 1,725 rpm motor. It features variable speed control. Thanks to extra heavy duty construction, with a dual bearing support, the system is exceptionally stable and runs quietly. Rotating blades are easily changed and are readily available from CAC®.

Trim-AX™ has proven capable of handling materials ranging from heavy carpet to very light, 1/2 mil thick materials, including paperboard, paper, nonwovens PE, and nylon. It has proven especially effective reclaiming carpet edge trim, cutting it into sizes that allow easy transportation through a blower based venturi system.

Now offered as a separate component, Trim-AX™ was originally designed to work smoothly with CAC’s family of Fox TrimAWAY™ trim removal systems. The Trim-AX™ can easily be integrated to enhance operation of most venturi air conveying waste removal systems.

According to Jeff Damour, CAC® Engineering Manager, CAC’s Fox systems do not need a chopper to be effective. However, the Trim-AX™ can allow an air conveyor system to work over longer distances, over 200 feet with a Fox system, for example. The Trim-AX™ also makes waste handling more efficient and chopped trim takes less space in collection bins.

”Customers told us they were not satisfied with the choppers that were available. They asked us to find the best option and after examining the possibilities, we decided to design and build our own. Converters who are looking to blow trim longer distances, have limited storage space, or who want size reduced trim for reprocessing efficiency should give careful consideration to the Trim-AX™. It’s an exceptionally well designed unit and is built to last,“ Damour said.

The Trim-AX™ is an optional component of CAC’s large offering of Fox trim removal systems. CAC offers 30 standard systems with blowers from 1-horsepower to 15-horsepower. All components are engineered to match each customer’s specifications. In addition to the Trim-AX™ components include a unique, adjustable Venturi, Gast® Regenerative Blower, pickup nozzle, Y connectors, collection centers, flexible ducts, motor starters, filters and silencers if needed.

Damour said, rdquo;We deliver a complete, ready-to-work trim removal system fully supported by readily available spare parts. When customers ask for a new technology or solution, we do our best to bring what they ask for to market promptly.“

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