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Converter Accessory Corporation (CAC) introduces its new line of unwind and rewind modules. SimpLok™ unwind and rewind modules are the perfect answer where converters want to increase capacity, improve web control, ease roll changes for increased production or for adding unwind or rewind stations to an existing converting machine.

SimpLok shaft holders and unwind / rewind modules are available in standard, medium and heavy duty. They handle rolls from 50 – 5,000 pounds. Unwind and rewind shafts are captured with ball bearings to ensure optimum tension control.

SimpLok modules are available with brake or drive mounting provisions. Lateral adjust with up to +/- 2” of adjustment, skew adjust with up to +/-.5” of adjustment, skew and lateral adjust and edge guide models are available.

All SimpLok systems may be designed with CAC components, such as COR-LOK® air shafts and CAC air operated tension brakes for complete engineered solutions or they may be designed to incorporate other manufacturers’ components. CAC designs these systems to fit customers’ requirements.

According to Jeff Damour, CAC Engineering Manager, SimpLok offers converters an extremely cost effective answer to increasing productivity and product quality. SimpLok unwind and rewind modules provide fast return on investment by improving roll handling and solving many web handling problems.

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