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Wind Gap, Pennsylvania: Converter Accessory Corporation (CAC), Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, is introducing an upgraded, more rugged, more durable. ShaftLock™ safe operation shaft holder for unwind and rewind rolls. The improved system does not compromise any of the features that made the first generation ShaftLock™ systems so successful.

Unlike conventional safety chucks, ShaftLock™ is a safety chuck with no pinch points. According to Jeffrey Damour, CAC Engineering Manager, the pinch point free design offers a level of worker safety unequalled by any other shaft locking systems.

ShaftLock™ opens only in the up position and allows a safe, easy unload operation. ShaftLock™ is available in several models able to handle loads and roll weights up to 5,000 lbs and operate flawlessly at low to high speeds. All models automatically lock to hold rotating shafts and feature all steel, extra heavy-duty construction, including heavy-duty ball bearings.

ShaftLock™ features replaceable cradles and inserts which are available for square, diamond, triangle, 1/2 round and custom shaped shafts and shaft ends. The system is available in foot or flange mount designs. Skew and lateral adjustment assemblies are also available.

”ShaftLock has been very successful in the market. After a close look at performance we decided customers could benefit from a heavier duty model. Our ability to custom engineer most of our products, including ShaftLock, allows us to quickly respond to customers’ requests. ShaftLock is an exceptionally safe and reliable system for virtually any unwind or rewind system. We can combine a standard ShaftLock with CAC brakes for a total unwind solution, or offer custom designs to match any brake, clutch or drive a customer selects,“ Damour said.

CAC offers rapid deliveries for standard units. According to Damour, Shaft Lock® systems are competitively priced.

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