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Ready to run in 15 minutes, roll in place and hook up power!

CAC portable systems are shipped completely assembled and ready to use. As with all FOX TrimAway systems, FOX Runner has a unique venturi at its heart. Teamed with a powerful, efficient and quiet regenerative blower, FOX Runner is able to generate suction and pressure air streams to pick up and convey your edge trim, die cut pieces or matrix from your machine.
  • Turn Key for fast and easy installation and operation
  • Portable for operation at different stations
  • Systems available to discharge over 100 feet
  • Energy efficient
  • Systems available to handle up to two 6 inch wide trims, up to 6,000 FPM
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Efficiently remove paper, film, foil, textile and non-woven trims. Great for picking up and removing pieces (die cutter) as well as chopped, granulated and palletized materials.

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