Roll Lifting

Made in the USA

L-Roll Pivot Arm

Lift, move, position and place rolls safely, effectively and cost efficiently with
CAC's L-Roll Pivot Arm
L-Roll Pivot Arm with roll
L-Roll Pivot Arm at angle
L-Roll Pivot Arm rotating with roll
L-Roll Pivot Arm rotating

The L-Roll Pivot Arm assembly with center lift is the safest, most effective, cost efficient and durable way to lift, move, position and place rolls on the market today. The flexible 2-point suspension system allows for easy alignment with roll core I.D.'s from 3" to 20". An important safety design incorporated in the Center Lift; it is impossible to disengage while supporting up to 1,000 lbs., yet the handle lifts easily when release is desired. The L-Roll Pivot Arm assembly enables true horizontal and vertical roll positioning, 360° North to South effortless roll rotation - to get your rolls where you want them. The L-Roll Pivot Arm grabs rolls by the core I.D. preventing material damage and designs are available to turn the roll in any direction.

Backed by CAC's over 45 years of experience designing and manufacturing converting equipment.

Tech tip: Consider plating and coatings instead of stainless steel where possible

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