Heated Rolls

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Multi-Heater Cartridge Electrically Heated Roll

Supplies clean electric heat, no oil, water or steam

CAC's multi-heater cartridge electrically heated roll offers unequalled accuracy and controllability. This heated roll is designed with multiple heater cartridges, powered by a slip ring. The heating radius of each cartridge is overlapped, so heat delivered by your web is controlled within the tolerances your application requires.

Multi-Heater Cartridge Electrically Heated Roll Cutaway and Internal View
Electrically Heated Roll Electrically Heated Roll

Features and Benefits:
  • Expanding type cartridge heaters for maximum heat transfer.
  • Easy replacement of heaters.
  • Thermocouple is end mounted in roll body and rotates with roll
    - preventing surface contact or wear.
  • Separate heater and thermocouple slip ring assemblies.
  • Power slip rings consist of heavy duty replaceable brushes and rings.
  • J or K type thermocouples available.
  • Signal slip rings utilize mercury wetted contacts.
  • Location of heaters insures even distribution of heat at roll surface.
  • Manual or automatic controls available.
  • Roll surface finish available in a variety of finishes.
  • Cantilevered design for narrow width materials.

Electrically Heated Roll
Electrically Heated Roll
Electrically Heated Roll-Internal Wiring
Electrically Heated Roll - Internal Wiring
Heated Rolls

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18503-19 Cantilevered Electrically Heated Roll Assembly
18503-20 Electrically Heated Roll

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