Converter Accessory Corporation celebrates 50th anniversary

“My father, Larry Damour, started CAC in the basement of our house”, says Jeff Damour, smiling as he remembers. “One of my fondest childhood memories is walking down in the basement of my house and seeing my father sitting at his drawing board and t-square as he worked on designing equipment.”

Larry Damour started as a draftsman in the converting industry, designing machinery for an equipment manufacturer. He moved to become an independent representative for several equipment manufacturers. Recognizing the need for more reliable web handling equipment, Larry founded CAC. His mission was to design and manufacture reliable, high quality web handling equipment. Many unique, patented designs sprung from Larry’s vision of CAC becoming the industry choice for high quality web handling equipment.

Several facility moves later, CAC’s manufacturing operation is based in northeast Pennsylvania. Since Larry’s retirement, his two daughters, Pamela Damour and Cecily Archer and son, Jeff Damour, have taken over the business.

“Our focus has always been to supply answers to problems”, says Jeff Damour. “Unique technologies such as WrinkleSTOP® anti-wrinkle rolls, Fox TrimAway® pneumatic trim removal systems and COR-LOK® air shafts and chucks are the bedrock of our business.”

Founded in 1974, Converter Accessory Corporation is enjoying its 50th anniversary this year. CAC designs, engineers and manufactures web handling equipment for converters of paper, film, foil, nonwovens and textiles. Engineered solutions include high quality, cost effective equipment for narrow web to wide web, slow speed to high speed, prototyping to full production applications. CAC is represented by knowledgeable engineering staff and provides extensive consultation and unparalleled product support.

Converter Accessory Corporation
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