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Shear Cut Edge Trim Assembly

Features and benefits:

  • Top and bottom blades are mounted on one assembly to provide simultaneous movement.
  • Top blade has automatic air operated side loading.
  • Bottom blade can be driven.
  • Used for shear cut slitting applications.
  • Ideal for use with all types of materials.
  • Compact design.
  • Fits in any location on existing equipment.
  • Easy installation - four mounting holes.
  • No special framework or customer modifications required.
  • Carriage travel can accommodate narrow to wide web width variations.
  • Can be used with existing trim removal system.
  • Integral CAC pneumatic trim removal systems are available.
  • Backed by CAC's over 49 years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for the converting industry.

Shear Cut Edge Trim Assembly

Shear Cut Edge Trim Assembly Right Side

Shear Cut Edge Trim Assembly Left Side
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Filename  Description
18503-27 Shear Cut Edge Trim Assembly with Motor Drive Option  
18503-28 Shear Cut Edge Trim Assembly without Motor Drive Option  

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