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CAC Products >>> Anti-wrinkle devices >>>  ROI calculator for WrinkleSTOP Spreader Rolls

5.5" Diameter WrinkleSTOP return on investment calculator:        
Think about all the waste wrinkles generate at your facility. Mostly, wrinkles generate defective material which will be discarded or reprocessed. However, wrinkles can also cause machine downtime and employee production time losses (due to employees attempting to correct wrinkle problems in the process, sometimes to no avail). Consider these costs to your operation and complete the fields marked in yellow to understand just how fast a WrinkleSTOP will provide full return on investment.  
Your maximum web width in inches:  
Approximate price of WrinkleSTOP*  
Value of your material waste due to wrinkles per day:  
Machine downtime due to wrinkles in hours per day:      
Machine production revenue in dollars per hour:      
Machine operator lost time due to wrinkles in hours per day:  
Employee fixed overhead per hour: CALCULATE  
Number of days for full return:    
If WrinkleSTOP eliminates 100% of your waste from wrinkles: days  
If WrinkleSTOP eliminates 50% of your waste from wrinkles: days  
If WrinkleSTOP eliminates just 25% of your waste from wrinkles: days  
If WrinkleSTOP eliminates just 10% of your waste from wrinkles: days  
1) Approximate price of WrinkleSTOP is based on roll face = web width + 4". This price includes a standard neoprene sleeve and pillow block type mounting brackets. Other options, including special sleeve materials are available, but additional charges will apply. Please call 800-433-2413 for a firm price for a WrinkleSTOP roll designed for your application.


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