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Scroll Roll

Multi-Lead aluminum scroll roll

Multi-Lead Scroll Roll

The CAC Scroll Roll utilizes long lead threads to produce the desired spreading action.

The advantages of the scroll roll are:

  • Straight line axis; therefore, no distortion such as bowing.
  • May be submerged in liquids.
  • Uniform spreading across the full width.
  • Can be made in a variety of materials.
  • Simple construction eliminates costly down time and repairs.
  • May be used as a stationary bar, idler or driven roll.
  • Backed by CAC's over 43 years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for the converting industry.
Four thread forms are offered:
1 start/ 3/8" lead min. spread
2 starts/ 3/4" lead
4 starts/ 1-1/2" lead
8 starts/ 3" lead for max. spread

Materials available:
Chrome plated

Use on materials such as:

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Tech tip: Grooved Rolls combating wrinkles

Multi-Lead aluminum scroll roll

Multi-Lead aluminum scroll roll

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Filename  Description
18503-67Scroll Roll Multi-Lead Spreader Roll

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Scroll Roll

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