Fox System Calculations  
Multiple like size tubes  
Tube diameter (inches) = Area =  
Number of junctions = Total area = diameter = in.   CHOPPER  
                Web Speed = FPM  
  Motor RPM = (1725 RPM standard)
                No. of Blades = (2 for CAC chopper)
Tube diameter (inches) = Area =  
Total area (in sq. inches)= diameter = in.   Cuts per Minute
                    Average cut length
Air velocity and CFM calculations  
CFM =   Velocity FPM  
Tube diameter (inches) = sq.ft. =   Dia. = sq.ft
      Velocity = FPM         CFM  
inches of water (IWG) = equals PSI IMG  
PSI = equals IWG IMG  
inches of mercury (IMG) = equals IWG PSI  

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