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Custom Anti-Wrinkle Rolls

Anti-wrinkle rolls can be designed for very difficult applications. Technology has been developed over many years of supplying anti-wrinkle systems for an extremely broad array of special applications. Though we see new, unexpected applications all the time, oftentimes we can apply past experience to help with your unique application. Some special rolls we have developed include:

Rolls for food grade applications. Normally steel parts can be manufactured from stainless steel. Rubber sleeves can be FDA approved. Ball bearings can be stainless steel.

Rolls for applications involving chemicals and solvents. In this case we need a list of all of the chemicals and solvents that may come in contact with the roller. Direct contact and airborne must be considered. Normally we use neoprene or similar rubber compound. However, other types of rubber may be used like EPDM, Silicone, Urethane, Natural rubber and custom blends are among the list available to us. Bearings can be packed with special solvent resistant grease. Anodized aluminum parts may be necessary.

Rolls used in vacuum chambers. These rolls are designed to allow outgassing. Also, bearings must be packed with special grease that won't disperse in a vacuum environment.

Rolls used where the web path dictates an adhesive coated web be run with the adhesive side against the roll face. These rolls must include silicone or a silicone blend sleeve. Obviously, it's important to test the adhesives release properties with silicone.

Rolls used in ovens or drying chambers. The roll must be designed with a rubber sleeve that can withstand the maximum continuous temperature to which it is exposed. Bearings can be supplied with special high temperature resistant grease.

Anti-wrinkle systems are used often in corona treating applications. This is because corona treatment is most effective on a flat web. The problem lies in the fact that corona treatment generates lots of ozone. Ozone can break down and age rubber prematurely. Think of those old rubber bands sitting at the bottom of your desk drawer, go to stretch them and - snap. This is the effect of ozone. If we know about excessive ozone in a given application, the rubber sleeve can be designed to resist the effects of the ozone.

Rolls needed for wet or even submerged applications can be supplied with non-corrosive stainless steel parts and hardware. Other options include aluminum or coated steel.

We welcome your special requirements for your anti-wrinkle device. What is special about your application?

Jeffrey Damour, Sales Manager
Converter Accessory Corporation

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