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Jeff Damour, Converter Accessory Corporation

Expanding Surface Anti-wrinkle Roll

Web wrinkles are one of the most pressing issues for converters. They can be a huge profit eater because web wrinkles can make your product unacceptable (waste). Web wrinkles can force you to run your converting process at lower than desired output (running speed) and can frustrate your customers.

There are many steps you can take to reduce web wrinkles like laser aligning rollers, improving tension control and taking steps to ensure your rollers turn properly. Along with receiving the highest quality materials from your supplier. Often times, even though you have taken these and many more steps, wrinkles still occur. Anti- wrinkle rollers may be necessary at one or many locations throughout your converting process to further reduce or completely eliminate web wrinkles.

There are many types of anti-wrinkle rollers from which to choose. Grooved (rigid and flexible) rollers, adjustable and fixed curved axis (bowed) rollers, crowned and concave rollers, nip type (edge pullers) and expanding surface rollers. In this article, we will discuss the expanding surface type anti-wrinkle roller. There are several different types of expanding surface rollers like slat expanders, rubber band type and continuous rubber sleeve type. We will discuss the premier type of anti-wrinkle device; the continuous sleeve expanding surface roller, how it works and why it may be the best option for your process.

Continuous sleeve, expanding surface anti-wrinkle rollers utilize a rubber sleeve which grows in face width for 180 degrees of rotation. Then, for the next 180 degrees of rotation the sleeve shrinks in face width. So if you take a tape measure to one of these rollers, in the field, you will see that the face width is actually shorter on one side of the roller face than it is on the other. Your web enters the contracted side of the rubber sleeve and exits on the expanded side. As the roller rotates the rubber sleeve stretches from the short side to the long side, under your web. This stretching action of the rubber sleeve is what removes wrinkles from your web.

CAC WrinkleSTOP® Anti-Wrinkle RollCAC WrinkleSTOP® Anti-Wrinkle Roll

This type of anti-wrinkle roller features:

  • The ability to work with virtually any web material
  • Works extremely well with super thin webs
  • This roller will not distort your web
  • Tension profile of your web remains constant across its' linear surface
  • Smooth surface that won't mark your web
  • This roller can be an extremely aggressive anti-wrinkle device, however it is adjustable
  • Adjustability is with standard tools; independent from end to end
  • 0% to 100% Anti-wrinkle adjustment can be made while the roller is in motion
  • This roller can be supplied with different sleeve materials to handle adhesives, chemicals, high heat or excessive ozone
  • Often times this roller easily replaces standard idler rollers or other types of anti-wrinkle devices
  • Unsupported web lead-in distance and lead out distance is not critical, so this roller is easy to position in your process
Almost all anti-wrinkle rollers "work" to some extent. Some are passive and provide minimal benefits while others are aggressive and remove more wrinkles. The question is - how will each type effect your web and process in order to get the wrinkles out of the web? Will the anti-wrinkle device mark or scratch your web? Will the anti-wrinkle roller stretch or distort your web?

This expanding surface roller incorporates a smooth, linear surface. Perhaps its' best feature is that it will not adversely affect your web or process. All while providing very aggressive anti-wrinkle properties.

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