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Nip type anti-wrinkle systems are a good anti-wrinkle solution

It seems that the battle against web wrinkles is never ending. One potent tool in the arsenal to combat web wrinkles is nip type anti-wrinkle systems.

Nip type anti-wrinkle systems incorporate small diameter, short face nip rollers, loaded in contact with each other. They come in a left and a right hand set and mount on each side of your web. Each of the nip sets are angled away from each other. Utilizing the web handling principal, that a web will seek a 90 degree angle to a roll in its entry span to that roll, they effectively pull on each of the web. Nip type anti-wrinkle devices are probably the most aggressive available. They will remove tons of wrinkles and even stretch your web if so desired. It’s easy to adjust how aggressive this system is; simply adjust the angle of each nip set. Originally designed for textiles and non-wovens, this anti-wrinkle system has been found to work well with papers, films, laminates and coated materials.

Mounting brackets are available for use with nip type anti-wrinkle devices. Mounting brackets make mounting the units in a machine easy with four mounting holes per side. A cantilevered, extruded aluminum slide rail makes for fast, easy web width adjustment. It includes an adjustment knob for easy angle adjustment for each nip set. An angle indicator ensures accurate, repeatable angle adjustment. Angle adjustments, which adjust the amount of anti-wrinkle aggression, can be made while the web is in motion, without the use of tools.

Nip type anti-wrinkle systems were originally designed with the rollers spring loaded together. However, recent improvements include air loaded nip type anti-wrinkle systems. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to each design:

  1. Web threading is easier with air loaded nip type anti-wrinkle systems. Simply flip a pneumatic switch and the nip assembly opens. Thread your material through the nip assembly on each side of your web and flip the pneumatic switch to close the nip and capture your web.
  2. Nip pressure between the two rolls is much easier to control with a pressure regulator in the air loaded nip type anti-wrinkle system. Spring loaded units are controlled with a thumb screw.
  3. Nip pressure is much more accurate and repeatable with the air loaded nip type anti-wrinkle system. Accurately controlling the nip pressure brings another level of adjustability to the anti-wrinkle system.
  4. Nip pressure range is greatly increased using the air loaded units. The nip pressure can be adjusted far below the spring adjustment range for delicate webs and far above the maximum spring pressure for tougher webs with severe wrinkles.
  5. Spring loaded nip type anti-wrinkle systems are much simpler with less parts.
  6. Spring loaded nip type anti-wrinkle systems initial cost is lower than their air loaded counterparts.
Regardless of which system you choose (spring loaded or air loaded), nip type anti-wrinkle systems may be the perfect answer to your web wrinkle problems. Nip type anti-wrinkle devices provide highly aggressive anti-wrinkle performance and are very reasonably priced. Return on investment is typically very fast when the opportunity arises to utilize this anti-wrinkle technology.

Perhaps the best thing about this type of anti-wrinkle device and mounting bracket is that a trial pair is generally available. If you think this system will work for you but you are not sure, ask for a trial pair to try them out.

Jeff Damour
Converter Accessory Corporation

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