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Get the Most from Expanding Surface Anti-Wrinkle Roller

Expanding surface anti-wrinkle rollers, like CAC's WrinkleSTOP®, are an excellent choice for almost any converting process where web wrinkles are an issue. This type of anti-wrinkle roller removes web wrinkles with a surface that lengthens as it rotates under your web. Things to consider to get the most from your expanding surface anti-wrinkle device:

1) Most of the anti-wrinkle action takes place on the roller face. More wrap angle, up to 180 degrees, around the roll face will provide proportionally more anti-wrinkle effect on your web. Less wrap angle means less potential to remove wrinkles.

2) For expanding surface anti-wrinkle rollers to be effective, the web MUST be in traction with the roller face. Most of the time, expanding surface rollers are used as dead shaft idler rollers, being driven by the web itself. Often, expanding surface rollers turn freer than bowed rollers, but do not turn as free at plain dead shaft idler rollers. Adjustments to web tension, increase wrap angle, higher traction material on the roller face, roller face pattern or "roughening", external drive mechanism are all options to consider to ensure the expanding surface roller surface travels synchronous with the web.

3) Lead in and lead out distances are not critical to the amount of anti-wrinkle effect on your web. This means these types of anti-wrinkle rollers are an excellent choice in "tight" areas in your machine.

4) Most of these anti-wrinkle rollers, like WrinkleSTOP@, are adjustable, making them ideal for all types of webs, even the most delicate. Always keep this adjustment in mind; use this adjustment to increase anti-wrinkle effect on your web when necessary.

5) Orientation of this type of anti-wrinkle roller is extremely important. The roll must be rotated from its' journal end to ensure the web enters the roller when its' surface is "short" and exit when the surface is "long". Once that point is oriented the journals should be locked from rotating. ALL expanding surface anti-wrinkle rollers must be dead shaft type rollers. Commonly, when expanding surface rollers are not performing properly, it's due to improper orientation of web entry point (where the web first touches the roller face) and web exit point around the roller circumference.

**DISCLAIMER - A great deal of time has been invested in the development of our weekly tech tips. To the best of our knowledge, they are accurate. It is up to the user to verify all results.


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