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Nip type spreaders may be a good option for removing wrinkles in your application

Web wrinkles are one of the biggest profit eaters for converters. They can cause defects in processes, waste due to unacceptable product, and poor customer satisfaction.

There are many anti-wrinkle solutions on the market. The question is, how can you control or eliminate web wrinkles without breaking the bank? One product consistently shows an excellent balance between performance and cost effectiveness.

Nip type anti-wrinkle devices incorporate small diameter, short face nip rollers which can be spring loaded or air loaded, include a left and a right hand set, and are mounted on each side of your web. The nip sets are angled away from each other, utilizing the web handling principal, that a web will seek a 90 degree angle to a roll in its entry span to that roll, they effectively pull on each side of the web. These spreaders will remove tons of wrinkles and even stretch your web if so desired. It's easy to adjust how aggressive this system is, simply adjust the angle of each nip set.

Air loaded Nip type anti-wrinkle devices are easy to open and close which allows fast and easy web threading and include a pressure regulator to accurately adjust the air pressure to accommodate all types of material including delicate webs. They can be designed to allow remote open and close functionality.

Typically Nip type anti-wrinkle devices are in stock and allow for quick delivery, easily installed, and have an excellent ROI.

A mounting bracket is currently available for use with nip type anti-wrinkle devices. This mounting bracket is extremely easy to mount with four mounting holes per side. A cantilevered, extruded aluminum slide rail makes for fast, easy web width adjustment. It includes an adjustment knob for easy angle adjustment for each nip set. An angle indicator ensures accurate, repeatable angle adjustment. Angle adjustments, which adjust the amount of anti-wrinkle aggression, can be made while the web is in motion, without the use of tools.

Perhaps the best thing about this type of anti-wrinkle device and mounting bracket is that a trial pair is generally available. If you think this system will work for you but you are not sure, ask for a trial pair to try them out.

Interested in seeing a pair of Nip type anti-wrinkle devices in action. Check out our video at

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