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Selecting the proper duct work for pneumatic trim removal systems is one key factor to ensuring proper performance

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Flexible duct is OK for short duct lengths. It can be quite useful for locating pickup nozzles in a tight area or locating a practical place to position for a waste collection point.
  2. Use rigid duct for long, straight lengths.
  3. Use metal duct for conveying trim. Metal duct helps to lessen potential static build up issues, when compared to plastic or PVC type duct. Metal duct is abrasion resistant and will last much longer where abrasion may be an issue.
  4. Engineer the ducting to eliminate leaks. Check both suction and pressure areas of the system for leaks. Any leaks will greatly decrease system efficiency.
  5. Try to engineer the duct system so that the inside diameter of the duct is larger than the widest edge trim. This will ensure the least amount of friction through the system.
  6. All bends should be large radius sweeps. Sharp bends create large pressure drops through the system. Trim has a hard time bending through tight radius bends, so eliminate them or keep them to a minimum.
  7. If using flexible steel duct for bends, make sure the minimum bending radius is a large radius.
  8. Avoid unnecessary duct lengths in a system. For example, coiling 30 feet of flexible intake duct where you may only need to convey 10 feet is greatly detrimental to the performance of any trim removal application.
  9. All edges that the trim may come in contact with must be smooth and free of burs. Jagged or sharp edge can cause trim to be snagged and cause clogs in a system.
  10. Couplings with proper sealing gaskets, between long lengths of rigid duct, are a good idea to allow clean out points in a trim removal system. Just in case a clog occurs.

**DISCLAIMER - A great deal of time has been invested in the development of our weekly tech tips. To the best of our knowledge, they are accurate. It is up to the user to verify all results.


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