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Expanding surface anti-wrinkle rolls types and applications.

Expanding surface type anti-wrinkle rolls utilize a roller surface that grows linearly in the cross machine direction. Examples of expanding surface rolls include:

  1. Slat expanders. Slat expanders have individual slats made of steel, aluminum or even wood. These slats are mounted to mechanisms that literally slide from the center of the roll face out towards the rolls edges for 180 degrees of rotation and then the slats slide back toward the rolls center for the next 180 degrees of rotation. Your web will only contact the roll face in the section where the slats move out from the center. The sliding action of the slats removes wrinkles from your web.
  2. Polymer band spreader rolls. Polymer band spreaders use rubber bands mounted across the roll face. As this roll rotates the rubber bands literally stretch for 180 degrees of rotation. Then they contract for the next 180 degrees of rotation. Your web enters the roll face where the bands are contracted and exits where the bands are expanded. The stretching action of the rubber bands pulls wrinkles out of your web.
  3. Continuous sleeve anti-wrinkle rolls. This type of anti-wrinkle device uses a continuous rubber sleeve mounted on flexible discs. As this roll rotates the rubber sleeve stretches underneath the web. The stretching action of the rubber sleeve removes wrinkles.

Because most of the spreading action of these anti-wrinkle rolls takes place on the roll face, one excellent application for expanding surface type anti-wrinkle rolls is anywhere in your machine that is very "tight" with other rollers. In other words, spreader rolls like bowed rolls require a long lead-in distance (unsupported web distance) because most of the spreading action bowed rolls deliver takes place in the entry span to the bowed roll, so bowed rolls generally require a lot of space in your machine in order to operate properly. Generally, expanding surface type anti-wrinkle rolls can directly replace existing idler rolls, making mounting extremely easy with little or no modification.

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