Wrinkling – Wrinkles are one of the biggest profit eaters in the converting industry. CAC has the experts to solve any web wrinkling problem. Since our founding CAC’s engineering team understands why webs wrinkle and we have the tools to solve your web wrinkle problems.

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WrinkleSTOP WrinkleSTOP is the industry premier anti-wrinkle system. Providing unparalleled anti-wrinkle performance, while handling the most delicate webs without distortion. Equally well suited for heavy materials like thick paper to very flexible materials like thin films.
Adjusta-Pull Adjusta-Pull is a highly aggressive anti-wrinkle device. Utilizing the web handling principal that a web seeks to be perpendicular to a roll, in its’ entry span to that roll, this anti-wrinkle system effectively pulls on each edge of your web to remove wrinkles. Adjusta-Pull is very cost effective, providing fast ROI.
Scroll roll grooved rolls Scroll roll grooved rolls are use often to reduce web flotation where air entrainment is a problem as webs flow around rollers. They are also very effective when used as dead bars (non-rotating) or driven non-synchronous with the web.
FB 350 Bowed rolls FB 350 Bowed rolls are aggressive, anti-wrinkle devices. Well known in the converting industry for use with textiles and paper. They are extremely well suited for high speed applications.
COR-LOK air shafts COR-LOK air shafts are custom manufactured to fit your core ID and length (width of roll). Typically made of light-weight aluminum, other materials, such as steel, stainless steel and carbon fiber are available. COR-LOK air shafts use leaves to engage the core ID. Their interlocking segment design expands, evenly around 360 degrees of the core ID. This core engagement provides even, high torque that won’t damage your cores.
COR-LOK air shafts COR-LOK air shafts for cantilevered applications can include built-in lateral adjust, patented built-in toggle valve inflate / deflate operation and modifications for remote toggle inflate deflate operation.
COR-LOK air chucks COR-LOK air chucks are similar to air shafts. However air chucks are standard lengths. These chucks are stocked to fit various thru shafts for off-the-shelf delivery. Two chucks can be used for wide webs or one chuck and an end plug where there is low torque requirement.
COR-LOK mechanical chucks COR-LOK mechanical chucks engage the inside diameter of your core mechanically. They have rollers that move up along a cam shape to grab the inside of your core. These chucks are available for both standard inch sizes and metric sizes. Typically in stock for 3” and 6” inside diameter cores for common thru shafts. Two chucks can be used to support your core or one chuck and an end / center plug. Mechanical chucks are a good solution where simple, cost effective core holding is desired.
COR-LOK core cones COR-LOK core cones are the simplest of the COR-LOK core holding family. These cast aluminum, tapered cones are available for 3” and 6” inside diameter cores only. They support material rolls by simply pushing them into the end of the core. Since they only penetrate the core on its ends, they are an excellent answer to unwinding or rewind rolls with crushed cores. COR-LOK core cones are normally in-stock with no thru bore and bored to order for your requirements.
COR-LOK core adapters COR-LOK core adapters slide easily over existing air shafts. They allow fast, easy and cost effective means of processing rolls on larger than normal cores.
FOX TrimAway trim removal FOX TrimAway trim removal systems are designed to remove, from any machine, continuous edge trim or pieces of paper, film, foil, woven or non woven materials. FOX TrimAway systems utilize unique venturi’s and powerful, energy efficient, regenerative blowers. These systems will convey trim in continuous form, although CAC’s TrimAx trim chopper is available if the trim must be chopped. Pneumatic trim removal systems are available for almost any conveying distance from right beside the machine to across the plant. Half horsepower up to twenty horsepower systems are available with three venturi sizes from which to choose. This allows for proper sizing of the waste removal system to handle your application without being oversized. Your waste will be conveyed with the most cost effective, efficient system available.
FOX TrimAway matrix removal systems FOX TrimAway matrix removal systems are designed to remove die cut waste matrix from a label press or die cutting machine. FOX TrimAway pneumatic waste removal systems completely eliminate the need for waste matrix roll changes, tension control issues, and possible recycling issues associated with typical rewinding misshaped rolls of die cut matrix onto rewind shafts. FOX TrimAway pneumatic matrix removal systems utilize powerful, energy efficient, regenerative blowers combined with FOX TrimAway’s unique venturi. All components that may come in contact with exposed pressure sensitive adhesive are coated with specialized, high-release PTFE so system clogs are never a concern. This unique design does not required messy oils or powders to neutralize the adhesive. Standard systems are designed to handle matrix up to 22” wide with machine speed up to 700 feet per minute, short to long conveying distances are possible. CAC’s plasma coated TrimAx choppers are an option but never required.
FOX Runner portable pneumatic systems FOX Runner portable pneumatic systems are available for trim removal and matrix removal systems. Most standard FOX TrimAway systems are available in the turnkey, portable Fox Runner design. Click here to learn more about CAC’s standar FOX TrimAway trim removal and matrix removal systems. (K – instead of re-listing ALL the information already included above – im thinking it would be cool to have a link to the prior 2 paragraphs….. just need to make sure the customer knows that most standard systems are available in a portable, turnkey system – as sort of an option….)
CAC’s TrimAx chopper Pneumatic waste conveying for edge trim, waste mat... CAC’s TrimAx chopper is an option on most fox trim away systems. Choppers are utilized where extremely long discharge distances are required. It is much easier to convey chopped pieces when compared to continuous trim. In addition choppers are used where more condensed collection of trim waste is desired. TrimAx choppers are available as separate components to enhance existing trim removal systems where chopped trim is desired. TrimAx choppers are heavy duty steel construction. Their unique dual bearing journal support allows chopping materials under .0005” thick. In addition they can chop heavy materials, like .25” thick rubber reinforced with heavy textile and even lead material. Standard design includes a 2HP motor which will deliver up to 3,400 cuts per minute.
CAC’s FOX TrimAway systems Pneumatic waste conveying for edge trim, waste mat... All of CAC’s FOX TrimAway systems are available at component level. So, for example, if you have an existing regenerative blower you would like to utilize, you may purchase FOX TrimAway’s unique venturi and related components like pickup nozzles, Ys, duct and clamps to complete your system. In addition, CAC offers several collection methods, blower starters, variable frequency drives (VFD) for blower speed control, silencers, filters and venturi mounting brackets.
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