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Medium Duty ShaftLok™ Safety Chucks

Standard Duty Safety Chuck

Closed Position

Standard Duty Safety Chuck

Open Position

Standard duty safety chuck in motion

Safety Chuck in motion

Unlike conventional safety chucks, the unique design of the CAC ShaftLok safety chuck provides a no pinch point shaft locking device that offers a level of worker safety unequalled by any other shaft locking system.

Design Parameters:
  • Capacity: 1500 pounds each, 3000 pounds / pair
  • Insert size: .8750” - 1.500” square
  • Approximate weight: 49 pounds each
  • Capture plate travel: 1.250”

View a safety shaft holder in operation

Medium Duty Shaft Lok Safety Chuck
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18503-329 ShaftLok™ Medium Duty Safety Chuck idle - 3000 lb roll weight
18503-330 ShaftLok™ Medium Duty Safety Chuck idle flange mount - 3000 lb. roll weight
18503-327 ShaftLok™ Medium Duty Safety Chuck drive/brake mount - 3000 lb roll weight
18503-328 ShaftLok™ Medium Duty Safety Chuck drive/brake flange mount - 3000 lb roll weight

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