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FOX Runner®, Converter Accessory Corporation’s (CAC) exceptionally popular portable pneumatic trim removal system is now available with CAC’s new variable speed blower control. This combination allows for the ultimate in energy efficient pneumatic trim removal.

According to Jeff Damour, Engineering manager, “The portability of FOX Runner allows it to be used where ever it will have the most impact in your plant. Now, combined with CAC’s new variable speed blower control, FOX Runner offers the ultimate in energy savings and convenience for pneumatic trim removal”.

The FOX Runner is stable enough to put in place for long term trim handling or it can be easily transported to new locations and rapidly set up and put to work. In many cases FOX Runner’s portability can save converters the need to purchase multiple trim removal systems.

FOX Runner uses CAC’s long time successful FOX TrimAway® pneumatic trim removal components mounted to a portable stand for permanent, semi-permanent and temporary applications. It is offered as a complete, turnkey system that can be readily and quickly integrated in any trim removal application.

FOX Runner portable systems include CAC’s exclusive venturi design, a regenerative blower, blower hardware and filter, motor starter with plug and cord. Additionally, the system includes pick-up nozzles, Y connectors, duct work and high torque duct clamps. All FOX components are mounted to a tubular steel frame with locking caters. Optional components available are collection bags and bins, silencers and additional duct for long conveying distances.

“Today, energy savings has never been more important to our customers”, says Jeff Damour, CAC Engineering Manager. “The ability to vary blower speed allows our customers to optimize the energy efficiency of Fox TrimAway, while maintaining the proper performance for any trim removal application. Bottom line, the ability to ‘customize’ the blower speed to match a specific trim removal requirement for a specific machine run will save energy and save our customers energy dollars.”

The soft starting feature built in to these VSD’s will start the blower motor with a smooth, linear acceleration of a programmed time. The advantage when compared to standard blower starters is there is no sudden inrush of current that puts large demand on power lines. Soft starting eliminates stress on electrical and mechanical components. Maintenance costs are reduced and lifetime of system blowers extended. High starting currents and voltage dips in the supply network, which might cause process disturbances, are eliminated.

Designed to handle trim widths up to 4 inches at speeds up to 3,000 feet per minute, FOX Runner will include the proper components to handle your needs. FOX Runner will efficiently remove paper, film, foil, textile and non-woven webs. They are designed to be exceptionally easy to operate, quiet and frugal consumers of electricity.

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