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The unique design and performance of Converter Accessory Corporation’s (CAC®) FOX TrimAway®, and FOX Runner® trim removal systems can improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption in web converters’ waste management operations.

Improved efficiency and reduced waste and energy consumption improve the overall sustainability of any converting operation and may help improve scores on the influential Wal-Mart sustainability score card for converters and their customers participating in consumer packaging markets.

Fox's features an adjustable venturi and blower system that allows customers to run the narrowest possible trim. In operations where trim is wound, trim widths must be wide enough to be wound in rolls. In the FOX system trim is transported by the blower / venturi to a collection area allowing converters to minimize the excess waste required by trim winding operations.

Additionally, changing from a trim winding-based operation to a FOX system makes an operation more efficient, and thus more sustainable, by eliminating production interruptions needed to change trim or awkward matrix rolls.

CAC’s employment of frugal energy consuming regenerative blowers in the FOX system allows for a major reduction of energy consumption when compared to systems that use energy gobbling compressors. Since these systems are available in four venturi sizes, with blowers of one to 15 horsepower, CAC is able to customize an entire system to precisely match a converter’s requirements by operating continuously at the maximum speed of the web it serves need without resorting to energy wasteful over-sizing.

FOX systems readily integrate with recycling machinery and can be supplied with CAC choppers when needed. FOX facilitates recycling by conveying trim waste without adding contamination, easily cleanly conveying even adhesive materials to a collection point or to recycling machinery.

Jeff Damour, CAC engineering manager, says CAC’s business philosophy has always been based on making web operations more efficient and thus more sustainable while increasing profits.

“In the web converting industry doing what is good for the environment is also good for business,” Damour said.

About FOX TrimAway® Made in the USA, FOX TrimAway® and the FOX Runner® are engineered for efficient trim removal during production or converting of most web materials including, paper, film, foil, board, nonwovens and textiles. They are effective with trim ranging from 1/16“ to 6“ widths and can operate at speeds up to 4000 feet per minute. FOX systems can be supplied with a CAC chopper and can operate as a single installation or as a coherent system consisting of several FOX TrimAway® systems. A complete CAC FOX TrimAway® system includes all required parts and components needed to begin efficient trim removal. In most cases installation takes less than an hour. The versatile FOX Runner® is a portable version of the FOX TrimAway® that can be quickly engaged and disengaged and easily rolled, on built-in wheels, from one production line to another, as needed. All CAC FOX systems are modular constructions sized to customer requirements. All components are engineered to match each customer’s specifications.
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