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FOX Runner® , Converter Accessory Corporation’s (CAC®) recently introduced, portable system for trim removal, is proving to be extraordinarily successful.

Reduces Waste

Jeff Damour, CAC Engineering Manager, attributes the demand to converters concerned about unstable material prices searching for effective ways to cut costs. FOX Runner eliminates the need to wind trim and allows converters to run the narrowest trim possible without the well known difficulties of maintaining a thin width trim roll. The result of trim width reduction is less waste.

Damour said, ”Considering how fast today’s converting webs run, efficient removal of ultra thin trim can allow significant material costs. The efficient, easily operated FOX Runner also allows labor savings and reduced down time.“

Ease of Movement Can Reduce Need for Multiple Systems

In a multi web plant, the portability of the FOX Runner allows it to be used wherever it will have the most impact. The FOX Runner is stable enough to put in place for long term trim handling or, if a line is down for repairs or maintenance, for example, it can be easily wheeled to new locations throughout a plant and rapidly set up and put to work wherever it is needed. In many cases the FOX Runner’s portability can save converters from the need to purchase multiple systems.

The FOX Runner uses CAC’s long time successful FOX TrimAway® pneumatic trim removal components mounted to a portable stand for permanent, semi permanent and temporary applications. It is offered as a complete, turnkey system that can be readily and quickly integrated with a running web.

Complete Turnkey System

The complete FOX Runner portable system includes CAC’s exclusive venturi design; a regenerative, exceptionally quiet, virtually maintenance free blower; all the blower hardware, motor starter plug and cord, blower filter. Additionally, the system includes pick-up nozzle(s) and Y connectors; 10-foot standard intake and discharge ducts with high torque duct clamps; complete welded tubular steel system mounting frame and locking casters. Options include collection units such as high-capacity nylon bags and metal collection bins, and discharge ducts over 100 feet long.

FOX Runner systems are designed to handle trim widths ranging up to 1 to 4 inches at speeds 100 to 3000 feet per minute. The FOX Runner is engineered to efficiently remove paper, film, foils, textile and non-woven trims. It is especially effective with more difficult to handle die cutter waste as well as chopped, granulated and pelletized materials.

The FOX Runner can be readily integrated with most plastics recycling equipment for a complete, seamless and profitable waste reclaim system.

All FOX systems are designed to be exceptionally easy to install and easy to operate. They are quiet, frugal consumers of electricity, especially when compared to systems that rely on energy gobbling compressed air. All FOX systems feature modular constructions sized to customer production requirements. CAC offers FOX technology in over 30 standard systems.

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