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Converter Accessory Corporation (CAC®) is introducing a patented new inflation toggle valve COR-LOK® air shaft option, toggle valve COR-LOK air shaft, that helps reduce roll changeover times. Toggle valve COR-LOK air shaft employs standard rotary union for pneumatic hook-up and is specifically engineered for use in cantilevered applications. It is available in COR-LOK air shafts in 2 to 18 inch diameters.

According to Jeff Damour, CAC engineering manager, the main advantage of the toggle valve COR-LOK air shaft is that it facilitates rapid roll changeovers. Since the easily reached toggle valve is built into the end of the air shaft, an operator does not have to leave the station to access a remote inflation control or retrieve any tools.

”The toggle valve COR-LOK air shaft is a simple design that makes an exceptional contribution to efficiency," Damour said. "This option is well designed for use with label presses and is available in stainless steel for washdowns in food grade applications and offers all the advantages of our other COR-LOK air shafts.“

The toggle valve COR-LOK air shaft system is also compatible with CAC's sleeve-based core adapting option that allows converters to run varying core sizes, both 3“ and 6“ for example, on the same shaft or air shaft. This option allows rapid changeovers between rolls with differing core diameters ranging from 3 to 18 inches. CAC's sleeve-based core adapting system is especially effective in label production and other narrow web operations. It offers converters the additional economical option of employing two short sleeves at each end of the shaft rather than a single, longer sleeve to adapt varying core sizes.

The most recent COR-LOK air shafts and chucks feature a freshly engineered tubing (bladder) design contoured to match the geometry of the company's unique, spiraled shaft body. Compared to previous designs, the economical new contoured tubing allows increased gripping power, a longer tubing life and exceptionally easy replacement. The new COR-LOK air shaft and chuck systems also offer several air valve options intended to match virtually any plant requirements. To fully inflate, they require only 90 to 120 PSI.

COR-LOK tubing is unique in that it can be quickly and easily sized, on site, to match any CAC air shaft or chuck. Tubing lengths can be ordered in advance and stocked, thus minimizing down time, even in plants where a large diversity of air shafts and chuck sizes exists. To facilitate easy changeovers, the tubing is mechanically fixed, rather than vulcanized, to the air valve.

All COR-LOK air shafts and chucks offer exceptional gripping power over the full core length; feature a unique, wear resistant aluminum leaf locking system, and ensure core protection and damage free operation. They are lightweight and carefully designed for easy, safe operation.

CAC hosts an online air shaft support center featured on offering detailed instruction for servicing air shafts from CAC and other manufacturers. The air shaft support center allows for online ordering of spare parts, including aluminum core cones, tubing, valves and valve cores.

In addition to detailed instruction, online chat is also available, but not required to access information. Currently celebrating its 40th year of success, Converter Accessory Corporation designs, engineers and manufactures web handling equipment for converters of paper, film, foil, nonwovens and textiles. Engineered solutions include high quality, cost effective equipment from the simplest aluminum core cone to the most sophisticated unwind/rewind system. CAC® is represented by knowledgeable sales engineers and provides extensive consultation and post sales support. For more information contact Pam Damour, Converter Accessory Corporation, 201 Alpha Road, Wind Gap, PA 18091-1279, (800) 433-2413, fax (610) 863-7818.
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