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Converter Accessory Corporation (CAC®) is introducing a new dual station system (SW2) that allows on-the-fly cutover with minimal to zero stop time. The SW2 is engineered for web widths to 30 inches and capable of rewinding rolls up to 36 inches in diameter in weights to 600 pounds. A robust drive delivers speed ranging from fractional to 1000 feet per minute. The complete, belt driven system is supplied with a torque controlled motor with manual control, digital torque setting and emergency ”stop“function.

The SW2 will readily accommodate automatic tension control if desired.

According to Jeff Damour, CAC® Engineering Manager, the SW2 is ideal for rewinding edge trim and label matrix scrap and is much faster than single station systems. While aimed at scrap rewind, the SW2 may also used for any rewinding application that fits the SW2's capabilities.

”Like all CAC systems, the SW2 is engineered for easy operation, easy maintenance and easy installation. It can be installed on a machine frame, table top or floor mounted. The belt drive is designed for reliable, quiet operation,“ Damour said.

The SW2 features CAC's widely used COR-LOK air shafts for fast, easy core locking and rapid roll changes.

In addition to the SW2, CAC offers a wide range of unwind and rewind technology optimized by CAC's unique ”building block“ approach. This approach begins with two basic pedestals to which any or all of CAC's web handling accessories can be added; including core support systems, shaft support systems, pneumatic conveying systems and wrinkle removal systems.

Drawing on the experience of more than 30 years of success, Converter Accessory Corporation designs, engineers and manufactures web handling equipment for converters of paper, film, foil, nonwovens and textiles. Engineered solutions include high quality, cost effective equipment from the simplest aluminum core cone to the most sophisticated unwind/rewind system. CAC is represented by knowledgeable sales engineers and provides extensive consultation and post sales support.

For more information contact Pam Damour, Converter Accessory Corporation, 201 Alpha Road, Wind Gap, PA 18091-1279, (800) 433 2413, fax (610) 863 7818. Web site:

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