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CAC is now offering idler rolls featuring patented Winertia ™ engineered profile aluminum tubing specifically designed and engineered for idlers used in the converting industry.

CAC idler rolls are available with standard outside diameters of 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 8”. Special diameters are also available. Face widths are available up to 140”. Standard roll finish is 30 Ra. Various roll coatings/coverings are available in rubber, Teflon, plasma, anodize, chrome, and nickel. Grooved roll face is also available in many standard and custom machined profiles.

CAC idlers are supplied with low friction bearings, improving web handling by maximizing web traction with the idler roll face. They are available in both dead shaft (center shaft fixed) and live shaft (journals rotate with roll face) construction. Rolls are dynamically balanced to minimize vibration. Roll faces are machined to maximize concentricity. Optional mounting blocks and bearings are available for both types.

Materials available for idler roll construction are steel, aluminum, stainless steel and Winertia™. According to Jeff Damour, CAC engineering manager, Winertia™ engineered profile aluminum tubing for idlers offers customers performance superior to that of any other idlers employing aluminum tubing. Benefits include lower weight, which translates to 10-30% less rotational inertia and momentum, improving web traction with the idler roll face, which improves web handling and behavior, Winertia™ also allows us to better position support bearings or supply dual bearing supports to minimize roll face deflection. Unique 3D balancing contributes to better roll performance. The result is faster, smoother operation that cannot be achieved with conventional aluminum tubing.

Damour said, “When we combine CAC engineering know how with the proven performance of Winertia™ tubing, the result is a reasonably priced idler that offers unequalled performance. Our customers expect us to be experts on web handling and alert to new technologies that offer the best possible performance.”

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