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WrinkleSTOP® Spreader Rolls can help converters and their customers offer more sustainable products. WrinkleSTOP® has a proven ability to improve the quality of web production, reduce waste and effectively run thinner gauge materials.

With material costs skyrocketing and new demands for “greener” products converters are facing new challenges to their ability to compete profitably. Since the Wal-Mart sustainability scorecard went into effect in February, sustainability pressure on converters participating in the packaging markets has significantly increased. The “scorecard” is a comprehensive system that rates every aspect of a package's sustainability including materials, manufacturing techniques and shipping, and allows Wal-Mart to give shelf space preference to higher scoring products.

Jeff Damour, CAC Engineering Manager, said: “Strategically employed WrinkleSTOP® Spreader Rolls not only support down-gauging and thinner gauges while generating less waste, they also allow an overall increase in line speeds. Sustainable practices do not have to require compromises. They can also be good business practices. Our aim is to improve efficiency and increase sustainability without compromises in quality or profits.”

About WrinkleSTOP®

WrinkleSTOP® Spreader Rolls remove wrinkles with no web distortion, offer edge-to-edge adjustability, from 0% to 100% spread, while the web is in motion, require no special tools for adjustment and have a broad range of applications. WrinkleSTOP® Spreader Rolls improve overall versatility by extending the reach of materials that can be profitably run on most web operations. They are effective with laminating, slitting, printing, coating, textiles, paper, film and nonwoven production.

“WrinkleSTOP® Spreader Rolls accept many materials at any wrap angle, even with extremely short lead-in and lead-out web distances. It really shows off its' performance with thin gauge materials,” Damour said. “However, it works equally well with all materials and thickness”

In independent performance evaluation tests, WrinkleSTOP® Spreader Rolls removed all the wrinkles, all the time, under rigorous conditions and proved to be the best performer in a broad field of subjects. WrinkleSTOP® Spreader Rolls offer both standard and custom sleeves to match most applications and features high-quality motor-grade bearings.

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