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Converter Accessory Corporation (CAC) has produced a WrinkleSTOP® 3000 for beta installation in a fortune 500 company. The new WrinkleSTOP® 3000 anti-wrinkle rolls are engineered to be compatible with web production speeds up to 3000 feet per minute, doubling the speed capabilities of previous versions. WrinkleSTOP® 3000 anti-wrinkle rolls are available in 8 inch diameters and widths up to 200 inches. The 8 inch diameter, 72 inch face beta version is custom engineered to match the customer's requirements.

More than 2000 previous versions of WrinkleSTOP® are successfully in use in North America. In addition to improving quality and significantly reducing scrap, in some cases to zero, WrinkleSTOP® anti-wrinkle rolls have consistently allowed an overall increase in line speeds.

According to Jeff Damour, Engineering Manager, WrinkleSTOP® anti-wrinkle rolls remove wrinkles with no web distortion, offer edge-to-edge adjustability, from 0% to 100% spread, while the web is in motion, require no special tools for adjustment and have a broad range of applications. WrinkleSTOP® anti-wrinkle rolls improve overall versatility by extending the reach of materials that can be profitably run on most web operations. WrinkleSTOP® anti-wrinkle rolls are effective with laminating, slitting, printing, coating, textiles, paper, film and nonwovens production.

In a recent independent performance evaluation test, WrinkleSTOP® anti-wrinkle rolls removed all the wrinkles, all the time, under rigorous conditions and proved to be the best performer in a broad field of subjects. All WrinkleSTOP® anti-wrinkle rolls offer both standard and custom sleeves to match most applications and feature high-quality motor-grade bearings.

”Most converters are always interested in technology that will allow them to go thinner, faster and wider. Our newest WrinkleSTOP® anti-wrinkle rolls were developed to match these demands for top performance at high speeds in wider webs. WrinkleSTOP®, in all configurations, remains the best wrinkle removing upgrade for web processing under all conditions, including the widest range of materials at any wrap angle, even those with extremely short lead-in and lead-out web distances,“ Damour said.

Currently celebrating its 32nd year of success, Converter Accessory Corporation designs, engineers and manufactures web handling equipment for converters of paper, film, foil, nonwovens and textiles. Engineered solutions include high quality, cost effective equipment from the simplest aluminum core cone to the most sophisticated unwind/rewind system. CAC is represented by knowledgeable sales engineers and provides extensive consultation and post sales support.

For more information contact Jeff Damour, Converter Accessory Corporation, 201 Alpha Road, Wind Gap, PA 18091-1279, (800) 433 2413, fax (610) 863 7818, or click above to chat with an on-line sales engineer.

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