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Adjusta-Pull Nip Type Anti-Wrinkle System

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The Adjusta-Pull Concept

The Adjusta-Pull® web spreading system is a remarkably efficient and cost effective approach to wrinkle removal and web spreading.

The two opposing nip roll assemblies pull the material outward to remove wrinkles and smooth the web. Setting the rolls at 90° to web flow - no angular displacement - results in no spreading action. Increasing the angular displacement of the rolls in the direction of the web flow will increase the spreading action to maximum. The angular displacement of these nip rolls governs the amount of spreading action imparted to the web. The greater the angular displacement, the greater the amount of spreading.

Ball bearing mounted Adjusta-Pull nip rolls in nine and six inches come in standard one rubber/ one aluminum configurations, but may be supplied with virtually any covering, including plasma, silicone, urethane, Teflon®, etc., for spreading materials with special requirements.

For additional web spreading, Adjusta-Pulls can be arranged in sequences of multiple pairs.

Click here for specifications on our Adjusta-Pulls!

  • Effectively and aggressively smooth out wrinkles from web material.
  • Alignment adjustment for parallelism.
  • Web-edge (convergence) adjustment.
  • Nip roll pressure adjustment.
  • Ideal for all paper, film, foil and plastics converting operations.
  • Custom-designed models for special applications.
  • Simple action - does not use electricity - conserves energy and $$$.
  • Two ball bearing mounted nip rolls - one rubber, one aluminum.
  • Rugged steel welded frames.
  • Quick delivery, standard item.
  • Great success rate.
  • Easily installed (optional Mounting Bracket with Angular Adjustment available- click here for details).
  • Excellent wrinkle removal solution for OEM's.
  • Backed by CAC's over 48 years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for the converting industry.

Our Adjusta-Pulls are In Stock - Order Today! or call 800-433-2413 for immediate delivery!


Click filename to view Specification Sheets
Filename  Description
18503-66 Adjusta-Pull Nip Type Spreaders
18503-370 Spring Loaded Uni-Mount Adjusta-Pull-SL2 Nip Type Spreaders

Adjusta-Pull mounting bracket with Angular Adjustment

Click here to view the Adjusta-Pulls in operation

Tech tip: Consider plating and coatings instead of stainless steel where possible

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