Air Loaded Adjusta-Pull Anti-Wrinkle System

Made in the USA

Tech tip: When using safety chucks, make sure their design is safe.


Air Loaded Adjusta-Pull Nip Type Anti-Wrinkle System

Unique Adjusta-Pull Concept

CAC's new air loaded Adjusta-Pull anti-wrinkle system is a remarkably efficient and cost effective method for wrinkle removal and web spreading. This system works using the web handling principal that a web will seek to be perpendicular to a roll in its entry span to that roll.

Air loaded Adjusta-Pull assemblies incude two nip assemblies. Each nip assembly consists of two 9" or 6" face x 2.5" diameter rollers. Standard air loaded Adjusta-Pull assemblies each have one rubber covered roller and one metal roller. The nip assemblies are mounted on each edge of your web and are in traction (because of the nipping action) with each edge of your web.

The air loaded Adjusta-Pull assemblies are easy to open and close which allows fast and easy web threading and include a pressure regulator to accurately adjust the air pressure to accommodate all types of material including delicate webs. They can be designed to allow remote open and close functionality.

When the nip assemblies are angled away from each other, each of the webs edges will try to maintain a 90 degree angle to each nip assembly. So, this anti-wrinkle device effectively and aggressively pulls on each edge of your web to remove wrinkles. Increasing the angular displacement of each nip assembly increases anti-wrinkle aggression. The greater the angular displacement of each nip assembly the greater the anti-wrinkle aggression.

  • Effectively and aggressively removes wrinkles
  • Air loaded for very fine pressure adjustment - perfect for very delicate to the toughest web
  • Air loaded for fast and easy web threading
  • Remote open / close possible
  • Rollers with ball bearings, designed for long trouble free life
  • Typically in stock for fast delivery
  • Easy installation.
  • NEW mounting bracket system is available.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Backed by CAC's over 45 years of experience designing and manufacturing equipment for the converting industry.

Adjusta-Pull Spreader Rolls

Air Loaded Adjusta-Pull Anti-Wrinkle System Open

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18503-322 Air Loaded Air Loaded Adjusta-Pull Nip Type Spreaders
18503-371 Air Loaded Uni-Mount Adjusta-Pull-AL2 Nip Type Spreaders

Adjusta-Pull Nip Type Spreaders