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Options for Safety Chucks

Safety chucks can be supplied with several options that can assist the unwinding and rewinding processes of your machine.

Basic safety chucks - Normally supplied as a pair. One safety chuck is idle (simply supports one end of the unwind or rewind shaft). The opposite side normally has a keyed drive shaft extension to allow brake, clutch, gear box or direct drive integration. These units can be supplied for foot mounting and flange mounting. They are normally available in several sizing options to handle light to heavy duty applications.

Basic modular safety chuck designs - include the basic safety chucks with a mounted brake for an unwind application or clutch for rewind. These modular designs can be engineered to include the core support mechanism.

Modular safety chuck designs with built-in lateral adjust - include basic safety chucks mounted to a moving platform with a hand wheel adjustment. This lateral adjustment can be made while the web is in motion, allowing a machine operator to adjust the lateral position of an unwind (most common) or possibly a rewind roll. These units can be supplied with or without mounted brakes or clutches. The core support method can be designed into the system.

Modular safety chuck designs with built-in skew adjust - these units can include all of the options listed above, in the lateral adjust model. However, this assembly allows machine operators to "swing" one side of the unwind or rewind roll. This adjustment can be of assistance when running rolls of material that have a tight-side / loose-side condition or webs that have thickness variations from one side to the other.

Modular safety chuck designs with built-in skew AND lateral adjust - include all of the features of both built-in lateral and built in skew adjust designs.

Modular safety chuck designs with built-in automatic web guide - include the basic safety chucks mounted on a movable base. Instead of a manual adjustment (as with the lateral adjust, above) an automatic web guide system will detect edge position and move the safety chuck assembly, side to side to automatically position the roll (and web) where it needs to be relative to the machine. These safety chuck systems can be supplied with brakes or clutches, mounted and your choice of core support mechanism. For an unwind application, these systems must be supplied with a lead-out idler roller, which moves with the roll of material. This lead out idle roller will ensure proper web positioning and web guide stability.

There are many options when considering adding the benefit of safety chucks to your operation. Discuss these options with any potential supplier of this equipment.

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