Roller Mounting Blocks

Made in the USA

Roller Mounting Blocks

Mounting block

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Multi-Heater Cartridge Electrically Heated Roller

Standard Mounting Block Dimensions
A (shaft size) Spec Sheet Availability
Up to < 1" 18503-273 2 - 3 weeks delivery

Quick delivery - Check here for stock
Bored out to your specifications
Made of Aluminum
Made in the USA

Mounting block
Standard Mounting Block Dimensions
A (shaft size) Spec Sheet Availability
1" up to < 1.5" 18503-271 In Stock - Order Today
1.5" up to < 2" 18503-270 In Stock - Order Today
2" up to 2.5" max 18503-272 2 - 3 weeks delivery
Flange Mount Brackets are available
1.5" up to < 2" max 18503-286 2 - 3 weeks delivery
.75" up to < 1" max 18503-287 2 - 3 weeks delivery

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