CAC Manufactures web handling equipment for the efficient transport of films, foils, papers, textiles and non-woven materials thru various processes such as coating, laminating, printing, slitting, inspection and more. We offer standard and custom engineered solutions for web handling challenges since 1974.


Anti-Wrinkle systems for paper

CAC’s WrinkleSTOP will reduce or completely eliminate wrinkles in your paper processing machine. It’s linear, smooth surface is extremely well suited for even the lightest, thinnest paper. It is equally well suited for heavier papers, as well. CAC offers additional anti-wrinkle systems well suited for papers. Click here to view all of CAC’s anti-wrinkle systems (image).

Waste conveying systems for paper

CAC’s FOX TrimAway systems are designed to pick up and convey paper edge trims and matrix and transport those types of paper waste long distances. FOX TrimAway can easily handle light to heavy paper weights at speeds up to 6,000 FPM. Trim and other waste can be conveyed to waste collection bins or recycling systems without contamination. TrimAx trim choppers (image with link) will chop the lightest to heaviest paper to allow increased conveying distances and improved collection efficiency.

Core holding for paper

CAC’s COR-LOK air shafts and chucks will handle light to medium weight paper rolls. Standard core sizes are 3” and 6”. However, CAC’s COR-LOK air shafts and chucks are available for core sizes from 1.5” up to 18” inside diameter.

  • CAC’s COR-LOK core adapters are the perfect, cost effective method to holding cores of rolls with non-standard cores.
  • CAC’s COR-LOK mechanical chucks are simple and inexpensive. They deliver for high torque, high tension applications.
  • CAC’s COR-LOK core cones are very simple and are an excellent option if you are plagued by crushed cores.
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