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Fox TrimAway Trim Removal System with TrimAx Chopper

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FOX TrimAway® Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Efficient Trim Removal Improves Sustainability


Unique Approach to Trim Removal

FOX TrimAway systems are unique, utilizing regenerative blowers to generate a motivating air stream. The heart of the system, FOX TrimAway's exclusive venturi, converts the motivating air from the regenerative blower to high velocity suction at the intake and pressure at the discharge. The FOX system yields outstanding performance with genuine energy savings over other types of trim removal systems. They provide real return on investment when used in place of less efficient trim removal systems and systems that utilize compressed air.

FOX TrimAway systems are sized and matched to your specific requirements. Systems have an extensive 1/2 horsepower through 20 horsepower blower selection and three sizes of venturi's from which to choose. Rest assured, your system will be sized properly to provide you with the ultimate in performance, initial cost savings and long term operational cost savings.

  • Venturi is aluminum construction - adjustable for individual materlal requirements

  • PTFE lining is available where release is needed for pressure sensitive adhesive

  • Regenerative blower provide high energy efficiency and low maintenance

  • Ducting is semi-rigid and rigid. Both available with PTFE lining

  • Complete systems include all necessary components for easy, fast installation

  • Systems are quiet without silencers. Noise levels well below other systems

  • Compact venturi and blower takes up little space and easy to mount with many mounting options and configurations
CAC's Trim-AX heavy duty chopper utilizes a superior design to chop extremely light to very thick and heavy materials. Trim-AX is precision engineered with dual bearing support between rotor and each bearing housing. It's all steel construction is manufactured using precision CNC machining centers to ensure very tight tolerances between rotating blade and bed knife. Vibration, noise and maintenance is all kept to minimum due to superior engineering, design and manufacturing practices of Trim-AX choppers.

Specifically designed to fit CAC's FOX TrimAway® and FOX Runner® pneumatic waste removal systems, Trim-AX choppers offer seamless integration with CAC's line of penumatic waste removal systems. Trim-AX may also be integrated into existing commercially available and "homemade" systems.

Using the Trim-AX allows an air conveyor system to work over longer distances. In addition using the Trim-AX makes waste handling more efficient and chopped trim takes less space in collection bins.

Click here to view the Fox TrimAway System and Trim-AX Chopper in action!


Standard System Configurations
Click filename to view specification sheets
Filename   Description
18503-52 FOX TrimAway® Trim Removal System with One Pick-Up Point 
18503-310 FOX TrimAway® with one pickup points and Trim-AX™ Chopper 
18503-311 FOX TrimAway® with two pickup points and Trim-AX™ Chopper 
18503-335 FOX TrimAway® with Trim-AX Chopper™ and Silencer 
18503-353 Two FOX TrimAway® Systems with one Trim-AX Chopper™ 
18503-50 Two (2) Pick Up Point Trim Removal System  
18503-53 FOX TrimAway® Dual Venturi Trim Removal System 
18503-51 FOX TrimAway® Matrix Removal System  

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