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Fox TrimAway Trim Removal System

FOX TrimAway® Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Efficient Trim Removal Improves Sustainability

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Unique Approach to Trim Removal

FOX TrimAway systems are unique, utilizing regenerative blowers to generate a motivating air stream. The heart of the system, FOX TrimAway's exclusive venturi, converts the motivating air from the regenerative blower to high velocity suction at the intake and pressure at the discharge. The FOX system yields outstanding performance with genuine energy savings over other types of trim removal systems. They provide real return on investment when used in place of less efficient trim removal systems and systems that utilize compressed air.

FOX TrimAway systems are sized and matched to your specific requirements. Systems have an extensive 1/2 horsepower through 20 horsepower blower selection and three sizes of venturi's from which to choose. Rest assured, your system will be sized properly to provide you with the ultimate in performance, initial cost savings and long term operational cost savings.

  • Venturi is aluminum construction - adjustable for individual materlal requirements

  • PTFE lining is available where release is needed for pressure sensitive adhesive

  • Regenerative blower provide high energy efficiency and low maintenance

  • Ducting is semi-rigid and rigid. Both available with PTFE lining

  • Complete systems include all necessary components for easy, fast installation

  • Systems are quiet without silencers. Noise levels well below other systems

  • Compact venturi and blower takes up little space and easy to mount with many mounting options and configurations

  • Inline Chopper available

The Venturi Principle
Principal of Venturi

FOX TrimAway systems utilize powerful and efficient regenerative blowers to generate "motive" air from the pressure output of the blower. This air flow is ported into the side of the venturi. The FOX TrimAway venturi is designed so that all of this motive (pressure) air mist, in essence, make a perpendicular turn and flow through the adjustable gap in the venturi. The air is flowing at such a high rate and speed, suction is generated, due to Bernoulli's principal, at the intake side of the venturi. Each FOX TrimAway system is factory tested and adjusted for maximum suction. However, the adjustable gap allows for suction adjustment in the field.

The waste (typically edge trim) is fed into the suction side of the venturi and takes a straight path through the venturi. This eliminates the trim from passing through any moving parts. Continuous trim can stay continuous, there is no need for it to be chopped, since it does not pass through any fan blades or other moving parts. System maintenance is very low since there are no moving parts coming in contact with the trim. After the waste enters the venturi and reaches the point where the motive air and suction air join, the waste can be conveyed long (or short) distances with a very powerful stream (combined suction and motive) of air to a waste collection point.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Paper, paperboard, film, foil, textiles and nonwovens
  • Waste with adhesives
  • Continuous trim
  • Pieces
  • Narrow to wide

Fox TrimAway System

Click here to view the FOX TrimAway Pneumatic Conveying
System in operation


Tech tip: Do you have crushed cores or lateral wrinkling of your web near the roll core?

Video - Fox Trim Removal System in action

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Standard System Configurations
Click filename to view specification sheets
Filename   Description
18503-52 FOX TrimAway® Trim Removal System with One Pick-Up Point 
18503-310 FOX TrimAway® with one pick-up point and Trim-AX™ Chopper 
18503-311 FOX TrimAway® with two pick-up point and Trim-AX™ Chopper 
18503-335 FOX TrimAway® with Trim-AX Chopper™ and Silencer 
18503-50 Two (2) Pick Up Point Trim Removal System  
18503-53 FOX TrimAway® Dual Venturi Trim Removal System 
18503-51 FOX TrimAway® Matrix Removal System  

click on model# to view drawing 300AB 400AB 350AB 450AB 500AB 501AB 600AB 700AB 800AB 1015AB
Venturi Trim
# of
Conveying distance in feet
FX1 Up to 1" 1 25' 25' 40' 40' N/A N/A 50'      
Up to 1" 2 15' 15' 35' 35' 50' 50' 50'      
FX2 Up to 2" 1         25' 25' 50' over 100' over 100'  
Up to 2" 2         20' 20' 45' over 100' over 100'  
FX3 Up to 3" 1               40' 70' over 100'
Up to 3" 2               35' 60' over 100'

  • Select your trim width
  • Select the number of pickup points
  • Select your conveying distance
  • Look at the column header to determine blower model
  • Look at furthest left column to determine venturi size

NOTE: This reference chart is for general approximation of system size. Many factors may require a change in system sizing, such as web speed, type of web, web thickness and web stiffness. Please contact CAC for an application specialist (800) 433-2413 to properly size a system to suit your specific requirements.

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