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Fox Matrix Removal Runner System
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Matrix Removal FOX Runner™ Portable System

Ready to run in 15 minutes - roll in place and hook up power!

FOX Runner™ utilizes CAC's standard FOX TrimAway® pneumatic waste removal systems. These portable systems are shipped completely assembled and ready to use. As with all FOX TrimAway systems, FOX Runner has a unique venturi at its' heart. Teamed with a powerful, efficient and quiet regenerative blower, FOX Runner is able to generate suction and pressure air streams to pick up and convey your edge trim, die cut pieces or matrix from your machine.

  • Turn key for fast and easy installation and operation
  • Portable for operation at different stations
  • FOX Trimaway® exclusive venturi design, model FX2 or FX3
  • Regenerative blower is energy efficient, quiet and low maintenance
  • Silencers are available to deaden noise levels if necessary
  • All blower hardware
  • High quality blower motor starter (200V, 230V and 460V available)
  • Energy efficient
  • Blower filter
  • Pick-up nozzle
  • All necessary discharge duct lengths (10' standard)
  • System components may be PTFE lined to easily handle matrix with exposed adhesive
  • FOX TrimAway exclusive design does not requre oil or other contaminants to efficiently remove matrix with exposed adhesive
  • All necessary high torque duct clamps
  • Complete, welded tubular steel mounting frame on durable swivel locking castors
  • FOX TrimAway matrix removal systems can remove and convey matrix with or without adhesive that is up to 22" wide at running speeds up to 700 feet per minute
  • Standard systems discharge up to 30'
  • Mounted on a single stand, portable and easy to move
  • Suited for permanent, semi-permanent and temporary applications

Efficiently remove paper, board, film, foil and matrix All FOX systems are designed to be exceptionally easy to install and easy to operate. They are quiet, thrifty consumers of electricity, especially when compared to systems that rely on energy gobbling compressed air. All FOX systems feature modular constructions sized to customer production requirements. Our FOX technology is available in over 30 standard systems.

Optional Components available:

  • Blower silencers to deaden noise levels where necessary
  • Silencer mounting assembly
  • PTFE lining for systems conveying “sticky” materials
  • Discharge duct over 100’
  • Collection units - nylon collection bags or 80 cubic foot capacity expanded metal collection bin

Call 800-433-2413 for pricing!
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18503-213 FOX Runner Portable Maxtrix Removal System  

Tech tip: Options for Core Holding

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