From low to high speed, narrow to wide web, the thinnest film to the thickest paperboard, all types of webs are printed in greatly varying processes. CAC Manufactures web handling equipment for the efficient transport of films, foils, papers, textiles and non-woven materials through any printing process. We offer standard and custom engineered solutions for web handling challenges through printing operations since 1974.

Anti-Wrinkle systems for printing

CAC’s WrinkleSTOP will reduce or completely eliminate wrinkles in your printing machine. Its linear, smooth surface is extremely well suited for even the lightest, thinnest web. It is equally well suited for heavier webs with high tension, like paperboard. CAC offers additional anti-wrinkle systems for printers of webs.

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In addition, CAC offer bowed rollers

Waste conveying systems for printers

CAC’s FOX TrimAway systems are designed to pick up and convey edge trims short or long distances. FOX TrimAway can easily handle light to heavy edge trim at slow to high speed (up to 6,000 FPM). Trim and other waste can be conveyed to waste collection bins or recycling systems without contamination. TrimAx trim choppers will chop the lightest to heaviest paper to allow increased conveying distances and improved collection efficiency.

CAC’s FOX TrimAway matrix removal systems will pneumatically convey waste matrix, replacing the typical matrix rewind. Exposed adhesive is handled without issue with PTFE lined components. Oil injection or other adhesive neutralizing additives are not necessary, so there is no mess.


Core holding for paper

CAC’s COR-LOK air shafts and chucks will handle rolls for the most demanding printing application. Standard construction is lightweight aluminum, making it easy for your operators to load and unload rolls of material. Standard core sizes are 3” and 6”. However, CAC’s COR-LOK air shafts and chucks are available for core sizes from 1.5” up to 18” inside diameter.

  • CAC’ COR-LOK are made to fit your cores and your machine.
  • CAC’s COR-LOK core adapters are the perfect, cost effective method to holding cores of rolls with non-standard cores.
  • CAC’s COR-LOK mechanical chucks are simple and inexpensive. They deliver high torque and don’t require compressed air or tools.
  • CAC’s COR-LOK core cones are very simple and are an excellent option if you are plagued by crushed cores.
  • CAC's COR-LOK air shafts for cantilevered, narrow width applications are available with:

  • Built-in lateral adjust – side-lay adjustment on the fly.
  • Built-in toggle valve - inflate and deflate without an inflating tool

Shaft holding for printing machine unwind and rewind applications

  • Standard duty for roll weights up to 1000 pounds.
  • Medium duty for roll weights up to 3000 pounds.
  • Heavy duty for roll weights up to 5000 pounds.
  • Unwind / rewind modules for lateral adjust, skew and lateral adjust, brake or drive integration.
  • In addition CAC offer SimpLok shaft holders as a simpler method of holding unwind and rewind shafts.

    Rollers for printing

    CAC manufactures idler rollers for printing machines . CAC’s idler rollers are light weight, balanced, turned finish and incorporate low friction, sealed bearings.

    Rollers are available with various machining operations and patterns and / or coatings.

    Rollers assemblies for printing

    Effective printing requires excellent tension control and CAC’s rotational type dancer roller assembly is the perfect answer where web tension is critical.

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